Boarding (Pet Care) for your pets while you are gone from home, 1 day or a month Animal Camp has a grass fenced in yard for the dogs to go to every day.

Each pens has an outdoor area to go out to Large pens, inside & out with doors open during the summer months.

Heated floor and building in the winter months.

We Board Dogs, Cats, Rabbits Ferrets, Gerbil, Guinea Pigs, Pocket pets.

Animal Camp offers discounts for multiple pets boarding from the same family.

A long stay discount after a full 21 days or more.


Animal Camp will give your dog a bath before going home.

You can use our tubs, shampoo & towels to do it your self.

(per dog)

The girls from Beautiful Grooming (formally Kelly's Kennel) will groom your dog any time.

Their friendly. Animal Loving staff Nikki & Malinda offer a Full Service Grooming here at Animal Camp.
Pet Styles, Show Styles, Nail trimming & Dremeling, Deshedding with a large selection of Premium Shampoos.

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